Changing your habits

You know when you make a decision and you can see your future… like you envision yourself months ahead, just attacking life- living each day to the fullest and not wasting one second. But you just can’t take that big step. You see it, you want it more than anything but that pit you got yourself in is comfortable. Miserable, but comfortable. It’s your new “normal.” A normal you would never have thought a few years ago you would be in. It’s a vicious cycle, you want nothing more than to be the joyful, energetic woman you know you can be, but you’re stuck. STUCK IN THE PIT.

Encouragement is huge for me. Verbal encouragement, little notes, etc. They mean everything. When you are depressed and deep in a pit and you make HUGE plans and share them with people and you get nothing back- that is a huge let down. It makes you believe that lie Satan plants- that you as one person can never make a difference. No one believes you can, so you continue in your daily life. This is the biggest mistake I have made. Living off other people’s opinions and encouragement. It is nice, but it’s not a necessity. I was not put here to please other people. I was put here for a purpose only God knows and I will never find it if I let myself believe I won’t make a difference. It all starts with one person. One persons choice to change some habits that can turn into life altering decisions for other people.

Changing habits also comes with being independent. At times we need to dive OUT of our comfort zone to truly get out of that pit and reach our potential. We don’t need to have someone there holding our hands and telling us we are doing a great job. This is what God is for. Don’t give people God’s authority. It just makes all the heartbreak for you! I encourage you today to JUMP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE with me! I am making some jumps, they aren’t the huge leaps I hope to see, but I know I will find them! Better to make small, positive changes than stay in that pit. Don’t let the pit win friends.

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”  -Matthew 5:160a752975dbbcdc8a1ac8ab50d7bc05ee

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